To apply for one of Crown Kennels’ Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppies, you will need to fill out our puppy application. Our puppy application is below. Send to

Puppies are here!!

Bailey & Kane Puppies born 1/2023

Male available

Beatrix X Monster puppies born 2/9/23

Possible availability pending

(765) 918-7445

Puppy Play Time

Please copy questions and send with answers to

Puppy Application

1.Contact information including Name, Address, phone number and e-mail address. (Phone number is needed for a phone interview)

2.Names and Ages of persons with whom this puppy will live:

3.Is this a Rural or Urban Setting?

4.Why do you wish to own a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (GSMD)?

5.Please list the Name, Address and Phone number of your Veterinarian:

6.Please list any previous experiences that you have had with GSMD’s:

7.Have you ever owned a dog before? If so, what happened to them?

8.What other animals do you own?

9.Do you have any plans or interest to show or breed your GSMD?

10.Have you had any previous experience in showing, breeding or competing with a dog in the past?

11.Do you plan to neuter or spay your GSMD?

12.Where will your puppy live- Indoors, Outdoors, Crate, Kennel?

13.When outdoors, will your puppy be kept in a fenced yard, leashed, tied, or loose?

14.To what extent do you use crates?

15.How do you plan to train or discipline your dog?

16. Please be aware that GSMD’s are large breed dogs that require consistent training and socialization. Swissies are known for their trademark “Baroo”. This can be translated by some as annoying barking. This is a feature of this “alert Breed”. While some barking can be alleviated with training and socialization, this is a trait and not a behavioral problem.

17.Do you know that housebreaking may take up to 6 months or longer and
that the dog will shed?

18.Have you researched the diseases that affect GSMD’s, in particularly bloat/gastric torsion, spleenic torsion, epilepsy, hip displaysia, eye conditions such as entropion and do you know that treating some of these conditions can be very expensive? (yes or no)

19.Do you have an emergency vet clinic nearby familiar with gastic

20. A. Do you prefer a show quality or pet quality ,
B. male or female?

21.Would you be interested in a young adult or a rescue GSMD?(yes or no) if yes list preference:

22. You do realize that we do not allow homes to “choose” their puppy. We place the right puppy with the right home based on evaluations of the puppies and homes they are going to. (yes or no)

23.What is the type of employment for the family?

24.How did you become aware of Crown Swissies and my website?

25. Are you willing to remain in contact with Crown Kennels for the lifetime of the dog and share information including photos of the dog and veterinary information throughout the dogs lifetime. (Yes or No)

Michael Rusk

Crown Kennels

(765) 918-7445